Cancellations and Returns

Cancellation of orders can be done, But there is a limited period of time for each category. In grocery, you cannot cancel the order after the cancellation duration is terminated, Whereas in food and restaurant you must cancel your order within 5 minutes after the order is placed. But if you cancel the order after the time limit is exceeded, You have to pay us the penalty fees or penalty charges, Not paying the penalties on a particular given time would cause inconvenience which may restrict your Martman account, or also a permanent ban to your account. Cosmetic products and medicines cannot be returned after the seal is broken or used/consumed by the customer. Orders of fruits and vegetables cannot be cancelled after the task man or delivery boy has picked it from the store, All products listed on Martman may not have the same return policy.

The return policy of Martman are divided into different parts, Each catogory has different return policy.

The same rules and regulations apply here as well. Martman has all the rights reserved to ban or remove any suspicious account which promotes fraudulent activity, such as fraudulent transactions, Cancellation of orders multiple times in a single day. Cancellation of orders can be done directly from our app or website, And if you are facing problems you can straight away give us a call on the customer care number which is active 24x7. There must be a question in your mind that, does Martman accepts returns. Yes, We do accept returns of Products/Items, When a customer orders a wrong product or places an accidental order, We do exchange or return them, There are certain terms and conditions for returns as well, You can read and examine them, For safe and hassle-free shopping from our App and Web.

This happens when the cancellation time exceeds.

We double-check products/items before sending them for a return, The particular product must be unused or unconsumed by the customer, If the product is damaged it is ineligible for return, the Product must be returned completely with all the accessories and documents. In case If we notice some kind of duplicity in the product, We will not accept the product for a return. The product must be returned in the same condition as received.

Quite a few items/products are unavailable for exchange or return because not all the store accepts return policy

No, We don't demand any hidden charges until you cancel the order within its cancellation duration.

Basically, we refund the amount to your given bank account within 3-5 working days.

  • 1. Open the Martman app and log in to your account
  • 2. Click on your profile, and then click on my orders
  • 3. Select the order or a product that you want to cancel or return
  • 4. Notify us with your issue, and request for a cancellation or return
  • 5. Wait for our response; we will reach out to you as soon as possible within few hours.