If the order is placed from different stores or different locations, Your delivery time may exceed for more than 60 minutes.

Due to products/items being unavailable, Your delivery time may extend because we try to arrange the same product/item from another store.

Due to uncertainties like bad weather, Heavy traffic jams, Or any accidental activities, Could also affect the estimated delivery time.

This situation is infrequent, But if you don't receive any response from us after placing an order such as order confirmation or no delivery boy assigned from a long time

You can directly give us a call on the customer care number. This is an error that arises when too many customers order for the same or similar product.

    In certain cases, Items/products may not show out of stock or unavailable in the app or website

    But most of the time when a product/item is unavailable it's clearly marked as out of stock

    In case if any items from your order is unavailable, Our order management team would straight away contact you or update you.

    This happens when a particular store you ordered from is closed, Or a specific product is unavailable in the Martman market for that day.

    Vegetables or fruits, Meat and fish ordered at midnight can specifically be scheduled for next day delivery.

Your order value must be above Rs. 1000/- to avail free delivery offer, This offer is applicable on all categories.

After the system receives your cancellation or return request it will automatically start working on your Refund.

If you requested the refund in your bank account the estimated time for a refund is 3-5 working days.

If you requested the refund into Martman Wallet the refund should get credited immediately after cancellation once your Return order is picked up.

If you requested the refund into Martman Wallet the refund should get credited immediately after cancellation if the order is not Shipped or Delivered.

Once your refund gets credited to your Wallet it cannot be recalled.

As per our new rules and regulations, Cash on delivery (C-O-D) will be turned off / Disabled, From 12 am - 6 am.

After placing an order, You must open your profile and click on my orders, Your order interface will than open up and you can easily track and view the status of your order, from the app or website, You can check If your order has been assigned to a delivery boy, whether your order is picked, and your order is on the way, You can even track the exact location of the delivery boy.

We never overcharge for deliveries, This is an error that occurs when your current location is entered incorrectly or the delivery destination is not fetched appropriately.

Please Re-check your delivery location over again if you're facing a problem, related to overpricing of delivery charges.

No, You can't withdraw the money once added to Martman wallet.

Martman wallet is a digital wallet, Which you can use to make purchases from our app or website.

Martman wallet isn't linked to any third-party commerce platform or any other online payments company. Our digital currency can only be used in our platform which is currently www.Martman.in

Money deposited or earned in Martman wallet cannot be withdrawn in any condition. You can earn through sharing or referring and many other offers which will be running on our platform.

An estimated time to pickup a product may vary as per the order quantity and your delivery location, But we will assign a task man as soon as we receive your return request.

Our task man may reach out to you within 3-5 hours after your return request is accepted by us. For more information, you can check our return policy.

You can send the return directly to our head office, which is situated in Ish Tejus, 1st Floor, 12/24 Krishna Nagar, Opp Bachpan School, Kanpur, UP - 208007

Kindly do not send it to any other address, or the order/product would not be acceptable then.

Providing the bill/invoice is mandatory or your request for return would be cancelled.

Yes, You can modify the delivery address of your order before our delivery boy or task man picks the order from a particular store, You can request for change or modify in address by using our app or website or call us on the given customer care number.

Martman Is specially known for It's superfast and 24x7 delivery services, But not all the categories or stores are available 24x7, There are a limited amount of stores that stay open 24x7, For example, you can order for Medicines, Pan shop, Food and Restaurant Anytime, You can easily and comfortably see if a particular store is closed or open with the help of our App or Website, Black shade or Black mark on the store name defines that it is currently closed and you can't order from it.