Terms Of Use

To deliver a highly comprehensive and understanding user interface, Martman website is carefully developed and designed. Our associates have carefully drafted the terms and conditions so that the area of user interest is properly met. As applicants usually go through each and every option made available by an organization, we hereby work to fulfill the interest of the user and suit their requirements. We hereby also request users to respect our terms and conditions and follow them throughout the online ordering process of goods and other commodities present on our website.

Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions to establish a better understanding of our organization.

Terms and conditions put forth by Martman

  • They used words such as ‘We’ or ‘Us’ to represent our organization as the whole. It only talks in reference to ‘ Martman .’
  • The term used as ‘you’ is for the users who are willing to order goods through Martman in their city.
  • Any information that is posted on the website of ‘ Martman ’ is only for the purpose of educating the applicants. The information may any time change depending upon the changes made by any legislative department of the bearing country.
  • The website of ‘ Martman used the ‘cookies’ option to eye the data and tracked it for organizational use. If you wish not to give permission, you should not permit the usage of cookies.
  • The details provided on the website of ‘ Martman ’ is valid in all respect, and it is a subject matter to change anytime. The information update on the website is precise, updated, and in accordance with the governing body of the country where the company has been working.

Use of conduct and responsibility

If you wish to use the resources made available by us on the website, you may have to provide certain information (your personal details, identification, etc.) on our website or on App. Directly or indirectly, you also have to accept and agree to our terms and conditions as kept forth by us. The user agreement shall be governed by the mandated law and legislation of the country where the organization is working.

In the same respect, you also have to understand that-

  • The information provided by you (user) is 100% correct, authenticate, and does not violate the country’s law.
  • While making any login or accessing our website, you should have to maintain the confidentiality associated with your account. Hereby, you will be responsible for all the activities that are carry forwarded through your account.
  • Accessing our resources apart from the means we have already provided you are totally illegal. You will be eligible for being claimed for the unethical action taken by you.
  • If Martman incurs any loss due to any unauthorized activity and misconduct done by you then, you will be liable to bear the consequences henceforth. It will come under criminal or civil liability.

For any questions or comments related to our policies, please email us at support@martman.in


The information contained here on this website is strictly for the personal use of the organization and user. The website, as a result of this, denies the use of the information as a confirmation for any overseas immigration or movement. The information provided on the website is for the help of users only. No user should misuse the information with respect to any person or family interest. The information provided here on the website should not be taken as the confirmation to any global or overseas movement. The data used here on the website are taken from reliable resources present over the internet. Our organization may or may not be liable for the authenticity of the information provided here on the website. The details and information provided on this website are free of cost.